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Seeds of Hope

     In recent years, millions of people around the world have taken to the streets to demand a more equitable social, political, and economic system. In the United States, the 2016 Presidential Election served as an enormous call to action, and motivated thousands of people to become more politically active. A growing awareness of the widespread inequality that exists throughout the nation and the world has sprouted impassioned grassroots resistance in defense of humanity, equality and the environment. Mass protest marches have brought people of all demographics (gender, age, ethnicity, class, ability) together and into the streets to advocate for what they believe in, and a more profound social and political consciousness has been awakened. But perhaps more importantly, young people are learning that when unified, their voices and their actions have the power to make change.

     They thought they could bury us,

               but they forgot that we were seeds.

Lindsey Dalthorp is a social documentary photographer based in Olympia, Washington. She photographs independently and for Works in Progress, a local volunteer-run newspaper, and is a student of political economy at The Evergreen State College.

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