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The Memory of Photographs: Conversations with Time

Evergreen beach.

Conversation with a stone.

Rachel at Woodard Bay.

Old Olympia Masonic Cemetery.

Bluebells for my mom.

Death at the doorstep.

Arson on Hospital Hill.

"Mistake on the Lake", renovated.

Historic Olympia waterfront.

Olympia's oldest tugboat, at high tide.

Port of Olympia from across the bay.

Old corral at the cheese cave farmhouse.

Rachel with 200 year old tree.

Clear cut off the highway.

Decommissioned logging tracks at West Bay.


These photographs were made as part of the Capstone in the Humanities program at the Evergreen State College with faculty member Kathleen Eamon, Spring 2022. I explored the influences of Sontag, Benjamin & Barthes' philosophies of photography, searching for my own, and learning to photograph on medium format black & white film. I developed on a weekly basis, making contact sheets and selected prints in the darkroom, while considering the connecting themes of death, memory, and history so prominent in those theories of photography. Through this project I developed my own theory of photography as a tool for education, communication, and connection across borders of geography, culture, language and time.

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