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23 / 24

Accidental double exposures from a roll of film I developed recently. One exposure from my birthday last year, another from October, and developed in time for my birthday this year!

It's funny how things come full circle in ways that surprise us, arriving exactly in the moment they needed to. 24 feels like an important year, and with the way things have been going I have no doubt it will be life-changing.

~spending the day for the most part at home, reflecting on the past year and where I may be headed, and appreciating the people who continue to support me and make me feel special on my birthday, even when we're so far away.

~candles on the delicious cheesecake mi amor made me feel so special with last year / scenery from a trip to the Hoh Rainforest last October~

Blackberry Cheesecake for my 23rd birthday

July 2019


Hoh Rainforest

October 2019


Ilford 400 Double Exposures

Developed & Scanned July 2020

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