23 / 24

Last year for my birthday I was in Mexico City and Enrique and his dad bought me a blackberry cheesecake from the bakery across the street (I love cheesecake).

A few days later the film jammed, and I had to roll it back to fix it. I wanted to experiment more with color, so instead of putting the roll right back into my camera, I made a mental note not to forget the photos I had already taken and loaded a roll of color film. I of course forgot, so when I loaded that black and white roll again in October when a good friend of my dad's came to visit, I was photographing over the pictures from my birthday.

I didn't find out until getting the film developed months later, just a few days before my birthday this year. Today I am 24, spending the day for the most part at home, reflecting on the past year and where I may be headed, and appreciating the people who continue to support me and make me feel special on my birthday, even when we're so far away.

Blackberry Cheesecake for my 23rd birthday

July 2019


Hoh Rainforest

October 2019

Ilford 400 Double Exposures

Developed & Scanned July 2020




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