Better Late Than Never! 2018 In Review

Last winter in my documentary photography class, our first assignment was to put together a presentation of some of our recent work. I chose to review my images for all of 2017, as it was a very important year for me in photography. I went to Mexico for three months and promised myself I'd take my camera everywhere I went, and that trip started a new journey for me professionally!

I really enjoyed looking back on the year, and I'd like to start doing so every year.... only I am just now getting around to it [in June haha].

Here's a review of what 2018 was for me in photographs:

Google Streetview documentary photography assignment

Outskirts of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Started photographing more seriously political marches, and getting published for it.

Did a documentary photography project of portraits taken on the bus, called Route 41. I took my camera to school with me every day and sat awkwardly on the bus with it in my hand, while most people were entirely immersed in their phones and others (Evergreen students) caught up on the reading they didn't finish.

This photo of Ballentine was the one that started it all.

It snowed!... a LOT.

I took the bus to school almost every day. Most of the days I didn't were days that I rode my bike.

Alternatives & Resistance to Global Capitalism had a fundraiser for our final quarter in Oaxaca and Chiapas, México. I was in charge of the "photo booth".

Mis compañerxs <3

The Trump situation got more & more disastrous... and continues to do so.

I spent a lot of time at the beach.

I had the best assistant photographing March for Our Lives.

I went back to Oaxaca.

...and got to visit so many amazing communities and hear the stories of so many incredible people who are fighting for their communities. Also got to paint a mural with my classmates in a Zapatista caracol!

(Translation for the last photo: we do not need permission to be free)

I got an apartment in Oaxaca and stayed through the entire summer. Some highlights were going to a mushroom festival with family, summer rainstorms, and hiding from all the Guelaguetza tourists.

Photographed professionally in Oaxaca for the first time, for Qué Pasa Oaxaca culture and travel magazine.

Went home to Olympia for a while, and photographed a wedding on Orcas Island almost all by myself because the lead photographer, Sara, got really sick the day of the wedding and didn't make it past the ceremony.

Went back to Mexico, and stayed in Mexico City for the first time. I also wrote a few poems.

Spent Día de los muertos in Oaxaca, and my favorite time of year (Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and celebrating the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca makes it even better!). Enrique carved pumpkins for the first time, and we made our own ofrenda for our deceased loved ones.

Went to the release party of an issue of Qué Pasa Oaxaca, in which my photos were published. That was cool.

Photographed CASA and a few archeological zones for Qué Pasa Oaxaca magazine. Enrique and his dad and I took the opportunity to visit these amazing places and explore more of Oaxaca. It was a great day.

Went back to Olympia for Thanksgiving and a taste of winter...

...just to go right back to Oaxaca for Christmas.

This year I spent a lot of time going back and forth between Washington and México, trying to find the balance between living in two places– missing Oaxaca and the people I love there when I'm at home, and missing home and the people I love there when I'm in Oaxaca. 2018 brought an immense amount of learning, and personal and professional growth.

So far, it looks like 2019 will bring even more.

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