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A Bit of Color

Almost all the work I've done with my camera the past 6 months or so have been in black and white, likely having to do with winter and the projects I've been involved in but also a found love for grayscale– and now I'm working with black and white film so that isn't changing anytime soon. But color still exists in my [iphone] camera roll.

A few photos from the my last few weeks in Olympia and my first few weeks here in Mexico City.

For Arturo

It seems to me

that as spring brings life,

it leaves in its wake


Yard work with dad

much work done,

much work left to do

Looking for a house

but home

is with you

When I close my eyes

I see old apartment windows

and signs that say "se renta"

La Ciudad de México

Beautiful little stools

I would have bought them all

if I could've

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