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Poems from the Mind of the Recluse


Sorry that I'm so reclusive

I try to be organized

But never really know

Where life

Will take me

The path I'm on

Has loops

And bridges

And rivers to cross,

Obstacles to overcome,

Dark forests to make it through

Sometimes I leave things behind

On accident

Or because a voice whispered

To me

Go this way

Not that way

But which way?

And so I am unpredictable

I don't always do

What the voice tells me to do

But in the end

I know

I will find my way through


The last thing

I want my life

To be

Is what they say is "Normal"

Marry rich,

Buy things

"It'll make you happy"

Shopping therapy

(I have found)

Is a real thing, but temporary

"Time is of the essence"

"Do it while you still can"

While you're still young,

They mean,

Because life ends at thirty, you know

Even though







They're all just constructs

Of the system which

Binds us

Limits us

Restricts us

Constricts us

Squeezes the life from us

Like lemons, to make their lemonade

But life

Is more

Than just the lemonade

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