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Route 41


From Las Vegas, Nevada. Wearing purple eyeshadow and a glitter chest.


Also from Las Vegas, Nevada. Loves living in Olympia. Drinking a healthy green squeeze from Zoe's Juice Bar.


Drawing in pen on the moving bus. We met on the most wintery day of winter this year, and Max's last name is Winters.

Late Night Rides


Timewizard. Attracted to the dark and mysterious, like rainy evenings of Pacific Northwest winters and scenes in a scary movie.


Starts his days early and ends them late.


What Are Schools For?


Talking about how dramatic her mother (who is living with her at the moment) is.


Olympia is dark and cold and too often the people are the same. Take the time to get to know someone a little, to have a real conversation. We are all more than what the eye immediately perceives.

Steph & Michaela

Steph is proud of her growing daughter, who was planning to walk out of school the following day in solidarity with the students of Parkland, Florida, and students across the nation.

A Man Plays his Guitar for the Passengers on the Bus

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