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Acacoyagua: Pueblo Against Mining

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¡SÍ a la vida, NO a la mina!

Acacoyagua, Chiapas

May 2020

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Somewhere between Pijijipan and Acacoyagua, along the coastal highway of Chiapas.

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Community members & student visitors gathered at the road blockade.

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The path and river is not your trash collector.

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Cena [dinner] at the blockade.

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A common form of political advertisement. Acacoyagua, Chiapas.


The PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institutional, or Institutional Revolutionary Party) is known in Mexico for its corruption, and has

the reputation of having "sold out" the nation to private and foreign investors (the PRD [Partido de la Revolución Democrática,

or Party of the Democratic Revolution] is also enormously to blame for the privatization of national institutions and resources).

After 70 years of a kind-of democratic dictatorship, most politically-active Mexicans would prefer any political option besides

the PRI, however, some states–like Oaxaca–have yet to rid themselves entirely of the party's political influence.

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Murals in the town center of Acacoyagua.

Living towns, territories free of mining.


Free of mining – Living Rivers – YES to life, NO to the mine!

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Three years ago a pollution hazard from the mine, the river Santo Domingo runs clean once again.

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Onset of a springtime rainstorm. Leaving Acacoyagua, Chiapas.

¡SÍ a la vida, NO a la mina!
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