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A Border of Tulips

      As they are viewed today, political borders set limitations to movement, opportunity, and peace all over the world. They undermine the possibility of equality  by politically dividing neighbors, and creating vastly unequal opportunities. The title of this project is based on the Merriam Webster definitions of two different uses of the word border: one definition of the word being "an outer part or edge," presenting a border of tulips as an example, while another definition describes the concept of a border as something that indicates a limit or extent.

     This photographic essay features regions of the world separated by 3,000 miles of political, cultural, historical, linguistic, and physical borders.

       Lindsey Dalthorp is an independent photographer and student at The Evergreen State College. She spends her days biking around town, escaping to the forest or beach whenever possible, and photographing wherever she goes.

         Lindsey's photos can be found in Olympia's progressive newspaper Works in Progress, and at Gallery Boom in downtown Olympia. Her most recent publication is on the cover of the February 2018 issue of Works in Progress.

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